Kris Bernal Admits Being Meticulous When It Comes To Her Business

Kris Bernal: “Kasi kapag gumagawa ako ng product, gusto ko parang solution siya to a problem”

KRIS BERNAL — The actress recently shared that she’s meticulous when it comes to her business such as her beauty products.

Kris Bernal
Photo: Kris Bernal / Instagram

Aside from her TV projects, the actress is also busy with her other businesses such as her own make-up line.

Kris shared during her visit to Eat Bulaga’s “Bawal Judgmental” last September 26 that she’s really hands-on when it comes to making the beauty products she sells.

According to her, she came up with the concept of having her own beauty brand because she herself had no knowledge of make-up and wanted to have a solution to her problem.

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The actress also admitted that she’s meticulous when it comes to the beauty products she gives to her customers. In fact, she runs her beauty brand business by herself.

Alam mo kasi sobrang metikulosa ako, so triny ko naman magkaroon ng tao pero kapag iniiwan ko sa kanila parang ako pa rin, ako na lang, kasi mas kabisado ko ‘yung gagawin,” she said.

She clarified that she also wanted to have people who can really help her. According to her, it’s different when one has a team.

The actress was last seen in the recently concluded Kapuso Afternoon Series “Artikulo 247” where she played the role of a full-time villain, Klaire Almazan, for the first time.

Meanwhile, the actress announced in their 1st wedding anniversary vlog that she and her husband relaunched their burger business, Meat Kris.

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