KRIS AQUINO – Celebrities React to Latest Health Update of Actress

Here’s the reaction of some celebrities to the health update of Kris Aquino

KRIS AQUINO – Some famous celebrities have reacted to the latest health update of the Queen of All Media.

Kris Aquino
Photo credit: Kris Aquino/Instagram

It was on June 3, 2022, when Kris Aquino and her sons flew to Boston, Massachusetts to undergo a series of tests and treatments due to her condition.

The sister of former President Noynoy Aquino has been battling autoimmune diseases for years now.

Recently, she went to the social media platform, Instagram wherein she shared an update about her health condition as well as the treatment that she needs to go through.

According to Kris Aquino, she’s experiencing pain in different parts of her body due to her illnesses. She’s also having a hard time consuming solid food.

Now, the Queen of All Media will undergo immunosuppressant therapy and she might lose her hair in the process.

Immunosuppressive therapy is a medical process in which patients with autoimmune illness and myelodysplastic syndrome get medications to suppress or diminish immune activity in order to prevent the new organ from being rejected by the recipient’s body after transplantation.

Her hair will eventually go back but organs that might be damaged won’t return to normal.

She also disclosed that all her physical manifestations are pointing to a possible fifth autoimmune disease.

Meanwhile, some famous celebrities have reacted to the latest health update of the Queen of All Media.

Among those who commented on her post were Jinkee Pacquiao, Iza Calzado, Miles Ocampo, Ogie Diaz, Karen Davila, Jackie Lou Blanco, Derek Ramsay and to name a few.

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