Jim Paredes Reacts to Promise of VP Sara Duterte to Solve Education Problems in 6 Years

Here’s the reaction of Jim Paredes to the promise of VP Sara Duterte to solve education problems in 6 years

JIM PAREDES – The OPM legend reacted to the promise of Vice President Sara Duterte that she will solve the country’s basic education problems within six years.

Jim Paredes and Sara Duterte
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Earlier, VP Sara Duterte said that the Philippines’ basic education issues will be solved in six years if the Department of Education (DepEd) receives the additional P100 billion requested in its projected 2023 budget.

Vice President Sara Duterte, who also serves as the secretary of DepEd, made the audacious statement on Wednesday when presenting the department’s proposed budget for 2023 to the House appropriations committee.

The DepEd has a budgetary allocation of P710 billion in the National Expenditure Program for 2023. This sum is in addition to Duterte’s P100 billion demand.

“If the DepEd is given the budget that it is requesting, we will be able to open more programs to address the learning problems of our students. So initially po, lumapit na kami sa Pangulo at sinabihan ko po ang Pangulo na if you give me P100 billion, I will solve all the problems of basic education,” Duterte said.

Duterte was replying to queries from ACT Teachers Rep. France Castro regarding the programs the DepEd intended to put in place to improve Filipino kids’ subpar knowledge of math, reading, and science.

However, it seems that Jim Paredes is not impressed with the vice president’s message because it may be just like former President Rodrigo Duterte’s promise to end the problem of illegal drugs in just three to six months.

Paredes also recalled Duterte’s alleged statement that all people are liars.

“Parang ‘ 3 to 6 months’. Take into account that this woman once said that everyone is a liar,” he wrote.


The OVP has yet to respond to Paredes’ accusations against Duterte.

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