Generous Teacher Buys Cake for Grade 3 Student’s Birthday

Generous Teacher Earns Praises Online After Buying Cake for Grade 3 Student’s Birthday

A generous teacher earns praises and admiration online for buying a cake for her grade 3 student during her ninth birthday.

A Facebook user named Raine Censon has shared the photos of her lady pupil holding a cake during her birthday celebration. The post immediately circulates online garnered praises from the netizens.

In the video, it can be seen that the entire class were singing happy birthday for their classmate named Ronamie. The grade 3 student who just turned nine happily strikes a pose while holding the cake.

Generous Teacher

Teacher Raine decided to buy a cake to celebrate Ronamie’s birthday. The young girl did not experience a birthday celebration throughout her entire life, which pushed the generous teacher to buy a cake.

Censon divides the cake and distribute to each student. The young student gets emotional and bursts into tears because of happiness.

“Pinabili ko po para sa kanya, kasi po nung umaga sabi niya hindi pa daw po siya nakakapag-birthday. Kaya po nung hapon nagpabili po ako para sa kanya, sinurprise ko po siya. First time daw niya nag-birthday iyak po siya nang iyak. Naiyak na rin po ako kaya hindi ko na po sinama sarili ko sa video, kasi iyak na ako nang iyak. Sensya na, cake lang nabili ni maam. Bawi sa susunod,” Censon said.

The video has a caption:

happy birthday ronamie!


Generous Teacher

The social media users lauded Teacher Raine for her kindness and generosity:

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