Fall On Deaf Ears Meaning & Sentence Examples

Fall On Deaf Ears Definition, Sentence Examples

FALL ON DEAF EARS MEANING – In this topic, we will study the meaning of “fall on deaf ears” and its example.

Idioms are very helpful since they provide you with a fresh, original method to communicate. These are words and phrases that enable us to explain a specific circumstance in a unique manner.

The term “fall on deaf ears” is an example of an idiom. It means to disregard or ignore.

Be overlooked, as in any renovation advice we give them seems to be met with silence. When someone uses this statement, it means that they are physically unable to hear yet nonetheless intend to listen.

This term is similar to the idiom, “turn a deaf ear.” It is also used to describe the listener’s act of disregarding or dismissing a claim.  

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Here are examples of sentences that use fall on deaf ears:

  • Warnings that over-speeding always causes accidents and serious injuries have largely fallen on deaf ears.
  • Helen’s pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears.
  • Although Bernadette gave an impassioned argument, her words fell on deaf ears.

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