A Quick Buck Meaning & Sentence Examples

A Quick Buck Definition, Sentence Examples

A QUICK BUCK MEANING – In this topic, we will study the meaning of “a quick buck” and its example.

The phrase “a quick buck” is an example of an idiom. An idiom is a term that is frequently used in language to express certain ideas.

It is an expression in the usage of a language that is different from itself either in having a meaning that cannot be derived from the fused meanings of its elements. These words are crucial for expressing original ideas and bolstering the assertion. Idioms and phrases are frequently used in various competitive tests that’s why we have to learn their meaning.


The phrase “a quick buck” means to make money quickly.

Other meaning:

  • to make money in a devious manner.
  • to earn money fast, usually in a dishonorable way.
  • to earn an amount of money by completing a favor for another individual.
  • an offer to help someone make money fast for taking on a job.

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Here are examples of sentences that use a quick buck:

  • I like Candice because she never likes to make a quick buck through dishonesty.
  • Ben is trying to make a fast buck by selling pies on a busy street.
  • Joseph decided to make a quick buck by selling his vinyl collection.
  • People nowadays are into making a quick buck.

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