On The Line Meaning & Sentence Examples

On The Line Definition, Sentence Examples

ON THE LINE MEANING – In this topic, we will study the meaning of “on the line” and its example.

The phrase “on the line” is an example of an idiom. Idioms is a phrase or expression that deviates from the literal meaning of their words. Students frequently mix idioms with proverbs, which is why we say that “idioms mean something different than the individual words.” These, however, are two distinct entities. It’s common knowledge that proverbs offer a piece of wisdom or universal truth.

Idioms play a significant role in everyday English. It is often used in spoken and written English.


The saying “on the line” means to be at serious risk. It is used to call a person whose job, career, or reputation is being risked. It can also be a gambling term that can be applied to a variety of games of chance.  

This idiom is thought to have originated everywhere from British navy ships to gambling dens. It can be used as a betting word or to refer to standing in formation “on the line.” It can even be used to indicate urgency in a particular circumstance.

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Here are examples of sentences that use on the line:

  • George wouldn’t put his career on the line to help a stranger.
  • Val is going to risk it and put it all on the line.
  • By making this investment, she’s putting everything on the line.
  • Too much was on the line for him to give up.

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