Woman Dies after She’s Hit by Stone on Chest While Inside her House

Woman Gets Into Altercation w/ Family Members

WOMAN – A 61-year-old female died after she was hit by a stone on her chest while she was inside her own house.

Conflicts are among the normal things inside the household or between family members. These happen even on friendship levels and it is not a surprise if they arise between people who see each other every day or who have been together as families.

However, not all conflicts are the same. There are those that were resolved through communication while there are also those that went to the extent of hurting each other physically – intentionally or unintentionally.

Recently, in Ilocos Sur, a heated situation between family members led to the death of a 61-year-old woman. She was hit by a stone in the chest.

Woman Dies
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Based on an article on ABS-CBN News, Police Chief Master Sergeant Danny Maligsay said that before the incident that led to the death of the 61-year-old woman, there was a conflict between her and the child of her sibling at her house.

The victim’s house is just around five meters away from the house of the suspect, her sibling. Because of the conflict, the suspect allegedly threw stones at the house of the victim twice to stop them from shouting at each other.

However, based on the report, the old woman got hit by a stone in her chest while she was inside her room. She was rushed to the hospital but she was declared dead on arrival. The child of the victim is decided to file charges against the suspect.

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