Newlywed Couple Receives 1.2 Million Pesos During Money Dance

A newlywed couple received a whopping 1.2 million pesos in their money dance

MONEY DANCE – A newlywed couple received a whopping 1.2 million pesos during their traditional wedding dance.

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Tying the knot is probably one of the highly anticipated events for a couple. Even this time of the pandemic, a lot of couples pursued to exchange “I do” with their partners.

Preparing a wedding takes a lot of money, time, and effort especially if the nuptial is grandiose.

That’s why it’s rewarding for a couple to receive gifts during their wedding, especially monetary gifts which they could use as they start a new chapter in their life as a couple.

Speaking of which, a newlywed couple became an instant millionaire after receiving more than 1 million pesos during their money dance.

Alden Chua Tan and May Jean Lazarito received a whopping 1.2 million pesos during their money dance.

Their story was first shared on the social networking site, Facebook by their wedding coordinator, Geraldine Hizole.

According to Hizole, the 1.2 million pesos were accumulated from their family, friends, ninongs, ninangs and to name a few.

The couple from Bignay, Valenzuela City got married last June 28, 2022, and even until now, they are thankful for the blessing they received during their wedding.

“The most generous wedding I have ever organized in my entire career as a wedding coordinator… MONEY DANCE which accumulated a total of more than 1.2M PESOS from siblings, friends, ninongs and ninangs, relatives and business partners.. Indeed this family and their friends have abundant blessings because of their generous hearts,” wrote Hizole.

What can you say about this report? In case you tie the knot, would you like to receive such a massive gift? Share your thoughts or insights in the comment section below.

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