JOVELYN GALLENO: Tarot Card Reader Gives ‘Hula’ About What Happened to the Missing Lady

What possibly happened to Jovelyn Galleno according to a tarot card reader?

JOVELYN GALLENO – A tarot card reader gave “hula” about what possibly happened to the missing young lady.

Jovelyn Galleno
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The 22-year-old graduating student taking up B.S. Criminology has been making a buzz in the past few days after she went missing upon entering Robinsons Place Puerto Princesa City in Palawan.

CCTV footage was released showing the victim entering the mall. However, the establishment failed to show a copy of the CCTV footage of the young woman leaving the mall despite the fact the entrance and exit points of the mall have operational surveillance cameras.

The Local Government of Puerto Princesa coordinated with the management of the Robinsons Mall in order to locate the victim. Apparently, the mall has yet to present footage showing her leaving the premises of the building.

On the other hand, Robinsons Mall claimed that they have nothing to hide regarding the matter.

Meanwhile, a tarot card reader gave a “hula” about what possibly happened to Jovelyn Galleno.

In a Facebook post by tarot card reader Illu Sion, it can be deduced that the reading about Jovelyn Galleno was not good.

Here’s the reading of Illu Sion on Galleno:

  1. Emperor- It signifies power or control- meaning there might be an influential person involved.
  2. Two of Cups- It suggests conspiring a plot, meaning there’s a “sabwatan.”
  3. Five of Wands- It indicates that there was conflict before she had gone missing.
  4. Star- It suggests that because of being “famous”, someone got interested in her which led to her abduction.
  5. Devil- It could mean that she was hostage before getting “killed”.

Illu Sion’s friend Jassy Dagasdas also had the same tarot card reading about the young lady.

Dagasdas said that her “abduction” might have a connection with “love”.

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