Joel Lamangan Expresses ‘Sama ng Loob’ Against VIVA: “Kinumpronta ako… dahil sa Maid in Malacañang”

Joel Lamangan: “Kinumpronta ako… dahil sa Maid in Malacañang”

JOEL LAMANGAN – The veteran director expressed “sama ng loob” to media and entertainment company, VIVA.

Joel Lamangan
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Lamangan, 69, is an award-winning director.

He’s behind some of the notable films such as The Flor Contemplacion Story, Sidhi, Deathrow, Hubog, Aishte Imasu 1941, Blue Moon and Mano Po.

Apparently, it is still unclear that he will have new projects in VIVA due to various reasons.

In an interview with, he shared that there are two reasons why he doesn’t have a project under Vivamax, video-on-demand streaming owned by VIVA.

One of the reasons is after doing a project under Vivamax rival, AQ Prime.

“Hindi na ako binibigyan! Nagalit sa akin talaga nang gumawa ako sa AQ Prime,” the director said.

According to him, his criticism of Maid in Malacañang directed by Darryl Yap has something to do with the matter.

“Kinumpronta ako ni June Rufino dahil sa Maid in Malacañang. ‘Inaano mo ang Maid in Malacañang, hindi mo ba alam, sa Viva Films yun?’ Wala akong sinabi against Viva. Ang sinabi ko lang, Maid in Malacañang,” he said.

“Sabi ko kay June Rufino, ‘Alam mo naman kung saan ako nanggaling. Hindi ko isusuko ang prinsipyo ko,” he added.

Rufino is one of the officials of VIVA and Vivamax.

Joel Lamangan also revealed that he had a movie under Vivamax which was not aired probably due to the conflict between him and the entertainment company.

He also stressed that doesn’t have an exclusive contract with VIVA to prohibit him from doing projects with other companies.

“Wala naman akong kontrata sa kanila. Wala akong exclusive contract. Bakit pipigilan ako kung saan ko gustong pumunta?”

It can be recalled that it was in July before Maid in Malacañang hit theaters, Lamangan criticized the controversial film.

Presently, the netizens are waiting for the movie of Lamangan pitted with MiM.

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