ERWIN TULFO – VP Sara Duterte Defends Teachers After DSWD Sec Remark

A day after Erwin Tulfo’s remark against teachers, DepEd Secretary Sara Duterte releases a statement defending them

SARA DUTERTE – The Vice President and Department of Education (DepEd) Secretary defended the teachers, a day after the controversial remark of DSWD chief Erwin Tulfo.

Sara Duerte and Erwin Tulfo
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DSWD has rolled out giving financial assistance to needy students or “students-in-crisis.”

Accordingly, each student may receive P1,000 for those in elementary, P2,000 for those in high school, P3,000 for those in senior high school, and P4,000 for those in college/vocational school.

On August 24, Sec. Erwin Tulfo said that he has no intention to rely upon teachers for the distribution of educational assistance because, for him, they may favor their relatives.

Apparently, there were some who are not amused with his pronouncement.

A day after giving his remark against teachers, VP Sara Duterte issued a statement in defense of teachers.

“Our public school teachers have always been models of professionalism, and their dedication and commitment to public service go beyond self-interest,” she said.

Romel Lopez, the spokesperson of Tulfo, clarified that what the secretary meant is he doesn’t want to add workloads to the teachers.

“He (Tulfo) doesn’t want to add more to our teachers’ workload. That statement does not entail any insinuation about the supposed favoritism in students,” Lopez said.

Meanwhile, Erwin Tulfo, the broadcast journalist-turned-DSWD secretary has apologized for his statement against teachers.

“Hindi ganun eh. Ang sinabi ko ho ay baka mapag-isipan sila o maakusahan na namimili na dahil may mga kaanak,” he clarified.

Sara Duterte, the secretary of DepEd has yet to issue any response to his apology.

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5 thoughts on “ERWIN TULFO – VP Sara Duterte Defends Teachers After DSWD Sec Remark”

  1. Baka nga naman may mga “ghost” na mabigyan…dagdag trabaho pa yan sa teachers, mag turo na lang sila, huwag na maging emplyado ng DepEd…ibigay na yan sa taga DSWD..Trabaho nila yan..

    • Yes i agree, it is the job of the DSWD to give but not the teachers who add up to their jobs as teachers? It is an accountanting job who must distribute that money as long as there is a liquidation of the amount being distributed.

  2. Para meron check N balance…. Meron naman official enrolment list ang school. Yon ang basis for the bonding ang release and liquidation.

  3. DSWD is a govt. entity and as usual and traditional, all govt. agencies/entities make the rules – that’s what Big Government means…more bureaucracy which is evil!
    The teacher(s) is the personal and direct channel of the Secretary of Education to act on the student(s) needs for government assistance and can be held accountable if a teacher mishandles the program or defrauds both the govt. and the student. Secretary Duterte is correct.


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