Enrile Slams Defensor for Attending Official MMDA Event

After Defensor attended an MMDA official function, Enrile slammed him on social media

JUAN PONCE ENRILE – The Chief Presidential Legal Counsel slammed defeated mayoralty candidate Mike Defensor after he was seen attending an official function of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA)

Enrile and Defensor
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On Enrile’s official page, he questioned Defensor on what he was doing at the MMDA event although he was not connected to the aforementioned office.

Enrile wanted to know if Defensor was hired as a consultant or adviser to the MMDA since there is a one-year ban for those who ran in the last election before re-entering any position in the government.

The Chief Presidential Legal Counsel is also wondering if Defensor is “factotum” or “utusan” by the MMDA.

“He was a candidate and loser in the last election, wasn’t he? What was he in that picture? The boss of MMDA? Is that now a proper decorum in our current political world?” Enrile said.

Here’s the message of Enrile to Defensor:

Enrile advised former officials to be careful in their actions because the public is watching.

Enrile emphasized that as the President’s lawyer, it is his duty to protect PBBM against those who try to take advantage of his kindness.

Enrile warned that if such activities continue, he will deal with them accordingly, but if the President has given his blessing, he will follow the order.

Defensor has yet to issue any statement with regards to the remark of the Chief Presidential Legal Counsel.

It can be recalled that during the previous election, Defensor ran for mayor of Quezon City but lost to incumbent QC Mayor Joy Belmonte.

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