Drive-Thru Using a Funeral Car (VIDEO)

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Viral video showing a funeral car in a drive-thru

DRIVE-THRU WITH FUNERAL CAR – A funeral car went on a drive-thru at a fast food restaurant while in a funeral procession.

drive-thru with funeral car
Credit: YouTube/screengrab

Funeral processions should be solemn.

It is a moment where people pay their last respect to the deceased before the body is laid to rest.

It must also be sentimental. However, there were twists to funeral processions nowadays.

In fact, just last month, some residents in Bacolod City particularly in Barangay Granada were surprised with definitely not a typical funeral procession.

Instead of playing a slow tune, the relatives of the deceased danced to the beat of Jumbo Hotdog by Masculados.

Speaking of, another funeral procession has caught the attention of netizens. But this time, it was clearly a prank.

In the latest prank of Tukomi, they used a funeral car for a drive-thru at a Jollibee branch somewhere.

The challenge is one of the comments trolling done by the popular prank channel.

In the video, Tukomi, along with their “kasabwat” passed on the drive-thru before sending heading to its destination.

The driver can be seen ordering a meal while the rest who are following the funeral car seemed to be devastated and unaware.

Watch the video below:

Tukomi is a prank channel run by brothers Oliver, Lester, and Hiroshi Tukomi.

Their YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers while their Facebook page has more than 4 million followers.

The group posts pranks and challenges every week.

One of their most popular uploads is their 4-part “Taong Grasa/Rich Kid” pranks where they disguise as beggars and go around the town while driving a sports car.

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