Who is Mike Abe?

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MIKE ABE – Here are some details about the former anchor of Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI), a media company owned by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.

Mike Abe
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Abe, a veteran broadcast journalist, is currently making rounds online following his walkout and live resignation at a program of SMNI.

This, after Abe and Quiboloy had an argument about the first State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

According to Abe, who’s a supporter of PBBM, the current president has a lot of good plans that would benefit the Filipinos.

But for Quiboloy, a staunch supporter and close friend of ex-President Rodrigo Duterte, his plans will not prosper if the rebellion won’t get eliminated.

Quiboloy said that PBBM should have mentioned his stand against rebellion so that the public knows he’s continuing what Duterte has started.

All of a sudden, Abe thanked Quiboloy, “dropped” his microphone, and walked out.

It can be seen in the background that Quiboloy is trying to calm Abe but the latter continued with his act.


Both have already expressed their side on the issue.

But who is Mike Abe?

Mike is a longtime anchor of SMNI, a religious broadcasting arm of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KJC) led by a televangelist, and church leader, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

According to him, he has been in the network for 15 years.

The news anchor hails from Makati.

Based on his Facebook profile, he was born in 1964 which means he’s around 56 years old.

He’s also active on YouTube. In fact, his channel “Mike Abe Opinions” has over 204K subscribers.

In 2019, Mike Abe made headlines after dealing with the controversy on Vice Ganda’s challenge to Quiboloy on possibly shutting down ABS-CBN as the pastor has claimed to have “stopped” the series of earthquakes in Mindanao.

Apparently, few details were posted about him on social media.

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  1. Mr Mike Abe would be a good addition to the @PTV4 broadcasters since he supports BBM Government. Launch a Commentary program like “Opinyon at Pulso ng Bayan” wherein people can interact thru Social Media. His experience and style will boost interest in people to watch our Government channel. 👍🇵🇭✌️❤️


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