Tricycle Driver Escaped After Hitting SUV While Flexing Riding Skills

Video of Tricycle Driver Who Escaped After Hitting SUV While Showing Riding Skills Elicits Reactions Online

A reckless tricycle driver immediately escaped after hitting an SUV while showing off his riding skills in a public road.

The Facebook page “Lentenisammy” has shared the video footage of a tricycle driver who immediately escaped after hitting an SUV along the road. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that the trike driver drives a little bit faster while showing off his riding skills. However, the driver accidentally side-swept the SUV vehicle in the opposite lane and cause slight damage to it.

Tricycle Driver

The SUV’s bumper has been detached from the vehicle due to the impact of the collision. The vehicle stopped but the trike driver did not even bother to stop and quickly leave the area to escape.

However, several motorcycle riders including a moto vlogger chased the tricycle driver to face the consequence of his action. Eventually, the concerned motorists were able to corner and confront the latter.

Lentenisammy also treated the trike driver’s wounds and injuries. He also learned that the culprit has no driver’s license and told him not to drive again without a license. The vlogger also revealed that the two camps have already settled the issue.

Here is the full post:

“Wag tatakasan ang maling mong nagawa sa iyong kapwa maswerte ka dahil sa lahat ng sinalubong mo kanina eh nakauwe sa inyo ng maayos pero hindi ka padin makakatakas sa mali mong nagawa.

Napag alaman din namin na yung driver ay walang lisence kaya hindi na nakakapag taka na nagawa nya un at di nya alam ang tamang pag mamaneho sa public road.

Mabuti na lang mabilis kumilos ang team Abangers MotoPhits Soloista Ph Eggsilog lalo na si Krungkrung kaya nasundan namin sya kung saan sya papunta.”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the video:

Tricycle Driver
Tricycle Driver

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