Ruffa Gutierrez and Yilmaz Bektas Comeback?

Ruffa Gutierrez speaks about ‘comeback’ with Yilmaz Bektas

RUFFA GUTIERREZ – The actress admitted that she has already forgiven her ex-husband Yilmaz Bektas.

Ruffa Gutierrez and Yilmaz Bektas
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In an interview with Dra. Vicki Belo, she talked about the reunion of her daughter and her former husband.

According to her, she has forgiven Yilmaz after all that she went through in their failed relationship.

Ruffa described her stay in Istanbul, Turkey as her “dark days” but after years, the fears she had have gone away.

It can be recalled that it was just last month when Yilmaz and her daughters got reunited, 15 years after being away from each other.

This, after they agreed on a rule that he can only see his children if he visits the Philippines or any country except his hometown.

Ruffa Gutierrez said that it seemed that her children have been carrying the pain of not having a father as if they were abandoned.

There were also times her daughters ask how was their father and if he has any idea that they are already in college.

Watch the vlog interview in the video provided below:

Ruffa noted that Yilmaz’s reunion with his kids was three (3) years in the making.

And during Holy Week, they had their first communication in years. Yilmaz called them after he dreamt of Venice.

When Belo asked Ruffa if there’s a chance they will reconcile their romance after the comeback of their communication, she said: “Walang return of the comeback. Ano lang ito, comeback, reunion lang ng mga anak ko at si Yilmaz.”

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