Ogie Diaz on Netizens Defending Ateneo Shooting Suspect: “Mga lukaret!”

Here’s the message of Ogie Diaz to netizens defending the Ateneo shooting suspect

OGIE DIAZ – The talent manager and vlogger expressed his disappointment to netizens who are defending and even calling Ateneo shooting suspect Dr. Chao-Tiao Yumol, a “hero.”

Ogie Diaz on Ateneo shooting suspect
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It was on Sunday, July 24 when a shooting incident took place at the Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU).

Three persons were killed including former Lamitan City mayor Rosita Furigay, her aide Victor George Capistrano and a security guard of the university.

The former mayor was supposed to attend the graduation of her daughter Hanna Rose from law school.

The police arrested the suspect, identified as Chao Tiao Yumol, 38, a resident of Lamitan City. Recovered from the scene was a caliber.45 pistol with a silencer.

While many are condemning the incident, there are some netizens on social media who expressed their support for Yumol, stating that he was only fighting for his beliefs over purported corruption in Lamitan.

Some netizens argue that the doctor was only a victim after the government failed to help him when he was faced with multiple charges filed against him by the Furugay family.

Among those who showed support to Yumol are bloggers Maharlika and Drei Toledo who believe that the doctor has reasons why he ended up killing the former mayor.

But in a tweet, Ogie called the netizens supporting Yumol, “lukaret.”

Lukaret is a Filipino word that means insane or mentally imbalanced.

“Mga lukaret amp*t*h!” he wrote.

Diaz was reacting to a tweet of a netizen wrote said: “Ung ginawang brave hero ung mamatay tao. Tapos sinabing “Stay strong, Doc! Baka ngayon mapansin na ng gobyerno ang ipinaglalaban mo.”

Here’s the tweet of the talent manager/vlogger:

Meanwhile, Yumol is facing multiple charges in the killing of the ex-Lamitan mayor and two others.

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