Liza Soberano Also Has ‘Korean Dream’ – Ogie Diaz

Ogie Diaz shared something about Liza Soberano

Talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz shared that actress Liza Soberano also has “Korean dream” aside from her Hollywood dream that she is pursuing now.

For more than a decade, Ogie was the one handling Liza’s showbiz career. However, the actress is now being managed by the team of James Reid. Liza previously said that she wants to pursue a career in Hollywood and Ogie understands this dream of his former “alaga.”

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In a recent episode of Showbiz Update vlog of Ogie with Mama Loi, Liza was one of their topics. Mama Loi asked Ogie if it is true that Liza and James will do a movie together.

The talent manager-vlogger said that he does not believe that a movie collaboration between Liza Soberano and James Reid will happen. He said that as long as the rumored movie project has not started until it is not finished, he will not believe it.

Ogie Diaz Pays Tribute to Liza Soberano on Her Birthday for Saving Life of His Daughter
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“Si ano talaga, merong Hollywood [dream] at Korean [dream] itong si Liza,” Ogie said. He added that the actress really wants to do a Korean movie because she is a big fan of Korean series and movies. This is aside from her dream to penetrate Hollywood.

The talent manager-vlogger also shared that there are a lot of people in Hollywood who are already inquiring about Liza. Then, Mama Loi mentioned that Liza and James went to South Korea just recently and then asked Ogie if this means they will do a movie together there.

Ogie replied, “Alam mo, imbento ka rin, noh?” He also said that if this will happen, surely, LizQuen fans, the supporters of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil’s love team, will react.

It was previously stated that Liza and Enrique will not do any project for now because they want to explore their careers as solo artists. If Liza will be paired with James in a movie, LizQuen fans might ask why she is now being paired with a different leading man.

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