Isko Moreno Reveals Son Joaquin Domagoso is Now a Father

Ex-Manila Mayor Isko Moreno confirmed he’s already a lolo.

FROM CITIZEN ISKO TO LOLO ISKO – Former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno revealed that his son Joaquin Domagoso is now a father.

Isko Moreno and Joaquin Domagoso
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It was in August this year when a blind item spread that Joaquin impregnated a non-showbiz girl.

In the said article courtesy of Cabinet Files by, it is stated that the young actor is going to become a father in April of 2022.

After a few months, the persons involved in the blind item were named- Joaquin and Raffa Castro.

Raffa is the daughter of actor-turned-broadcaster, Diego Castro.

While Joaquin is one of the five (5) children of former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno and his non-showbiz wife, Diana Lynn Ditan. He has an elder brother, Vincent Patrick, and an elder sister, Frances Diane, and two (2) younger brothers, Franco and Drake Marcus.

Finally, the rumor has been confirmed after Moreno himself revealed that he’s already a grandfather.

Raffa gave birth to a boy at the FEU Medical Center, in Quezon City, last April 28, 2022, naming the child Scott Angelo Domagoso.

In an interview with Modern Parenting, the actor-turned-politician said that having a grandchild is one of his greatest blessings.

“Isa sa mga blessings ay lolo na ako. Ang pogi ng apo ko,” he said.

When asked how does it feel now that he’s already a lolo, Isko said: “Siyempre kikiligin ka lalo na kapag kamukha mo. I’m really enjoying it. I’m happy and grateful to God.”

“Of course, I’m happy for Joaquin. Having a child, naturally, will create a certain mindset in terms of priorities,” he added.

Scott is the first grandchild of the former mayor and according to him, he’s happy spending some time with his grandson especially now that he’s not busy in politics.

Joaquin and Raffa have yet to release any statement about it.

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