House in Pampanga Completely Destroyed by Fire After Child Plays with Lighter

Fire completely destroyed a house in Pampanga after a child played with a lighter

FIRE INCIDENT in PAMPANGA – A residential house in San Fernando was engulfed by flames after a child played with a lighter in one of the rooms.

Pampanga fire incident
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A fire incident is defined as an incident involving smoke, heat, and. flames causing property damage to multiple building fixtures or fittings.

According to the Bureau of Fire Protection, a total of 77,724 fire incidents or an average of 15,545 fire incidents every year or 42 fire incidents a day have been recorded from 2013 to 2017.

Among the causes of fire incidents in the Philippines are open flame due to torch, unattended cooking and lighted candles, electrical connection, and lighted cigarette butts.

On the other hand, among the ways in order to prevent incidents of fire are the following; checking all electrical wirings regularly, avoiding electrical overloading, installing smoke alarms, not smoking inside the house, keeping matches and other flammable objects out of children’s reach and keeping the burning candles within our sight.

One of the most recent fire incidents took place in San Fernando, Pampanga.

Apparently, a residential house there was engulfed by flames after a child played with a lighter in one of the rooms. The child was only two-years-old.

With the help of the firefighters, the fire was put out. However, the said house was completely ravaged.

Fortunately, none was hurt in the fire incident that took place on Friday, July 22.

Meanwhile, the local officials of San Fernando, Pampanga have already extended help to the victims of the fire incident.

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