Cum Laude Student Mary Jane Plaza Hit by Stone in Boracay, Misses Graduation

A cum laude student named Mary Jane Plaza failed to attend her graduation after a freak accident in Boracay

MARY JANE PLAZA – A cum laude student who was hit by a stone while traveling along Boracay failed to attend her graduation.

Mary Jane Plaza
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Mary Jane, a cum laude student from Aklan State University – Banga Campus who took a Bachelor of Science in Education, major in Mathematics, was supposed to attend her graduation but failed to do so because of a “freak accident.”

It was on June 27 when she had an accident while traveling along Boracay after attending the graduation of her sister Loren Joy Plaza.

On board a van along with her family, she was hit by a stone thrown by a drunk man who ran amok at the time after a quarrel with his wife.

The stone hit the van, breaking the glass, and directly hit her forehead.

Some fragments of the stone penetrated her skull which is why she needs to undergo an operation.

Mary Jane underwent an operation and after almost three weeks, she was discharged from the hospital.

However, they still need to pay their balance which is more than 200,000 pesos.

The suspect is still under the custody of the police.

Meanwhile, although Mary Jane failed to attend her graduation, her friends found a way so that she could still receive her medal and diploma.

Her friends went to the hospital and had her wear an academic gown or toga, gave her a bouquet of flowers, and had her wear her medal as cum laude.

Despite she was not able to be on stage during her actual graduation, she had a graduation picture thanks to her friends.

Currently, her family is still calling on people with generous hearts to help them financially.

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