Atty. Jesus Falcis Criticizes PBBM; Calls him “Tamad”

President Bongbong Marcos was criticized by Atty. Jesus Falcis

ATTY. JESUS FALCIS – The popular lawyer criticized President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. by calling him “tamad” or lazy.

Atty. Jesus Falcis and PBBM
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It was on Thursday, June 30 when PBBM was sworn in as the 17th President. It was held at the National Museum in Manila.

Earlier, it was announced that the first Cabinet meeting of the Marcos administration has been canceled and might be scheduled next week.

Falcis, a renowned lawyer questioned the cancelation of the supposed to be first Cabinet meeting.

He’s also wondering why until now none has been appointed in the following agencies:

  • Department of Science and Technology (DOST)
  • Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development (DHSUD)
  • Department of Foreign Affairs (DOF)
  • Department of Health (DOH)
  • Department of Energy (DOE)

Atty. Jesus Falcis also stressed that he won’t embrace Marcos Jr. as the president since he did not vote for him in the previous election.

He also said that if PBBM is not lazy, he would have pushed through his first Cabinet meeting.

The lawyer also compared the timeline of the first Cabinet meeting of former presidents Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino and Rodrigo Duterte with PBBM.

Here’s the statement of Falcis which was posted on the social networking site, Facebook:

His post is currently making rounds and has garnered thousands of reactions and multiple comments already.

Apparently, the Palace has yet to issue an official statement as to why the first Cabinet meeting of the Marcos administration has been canceled.

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