2,500 Recycled Bottles Used as Decoration for a House in Cebu

Unique house with recycled bottles as decor

UNIQUE HOUSE – More than 2,500 recycled bottles were used as a decoration for a house in Cebu.

recycled bottles house
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

It was on May 31 when a certain Eric Itaas Colminas took to Facebook wherein he posted some snaps of the unique house.

Eric was invited by his friend to come to Brgy. Villahermosa, Pilar, Camotes Island for fiesta.

But what caught his attention are thousands of recycled plastic bottles and soft drink cans made into the decor of the said house.

According to the house owner named Glenda Maaghop, they started their house project in 2021 and they used more than 2,500 recycled materials already.

The materials used are empty water bottles, soft drink bottles, iced tea bottles, and tin cans they collected from a store.

Putting the recycled materials as decoration for their house served as their bonding moment as a family.

The bottles were glued to the ceiling. They even made chandeliers and hanging decors using recycled materials.

Plastic bottles were glued outside and inside the house as well as on the walls.

Their gate has recycled plastic bottles as well.

The house earned mixed reactions with some praising the creativity of the house owner.

According to some netizens, placing the bottles on the ceiling is a good idea in order to reduce heat inside the house.

However, some claimed that the decor might easily catch fire.

On the other hand, craftsmanship and creativity were given highlight in the making of the decors of the unique house.

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