LOOK: Simple Yet Elegant Tiny House of Couple from Batangas

Take a look at the tiny house of Julius at Smile Garcia from Batangas

JULIUS and SMILE GARCIA – The couple from Batangas are among those who were inspired to have their own tiny house.

tiny house
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According to Julius via an interview with Summit OG, he and his wife were inspired of having a tiny house during the pandemic lockdown.

They decided to build it in Padre Garcia, Batangas.

The construction of their house started at the end of July 2020 and was finished in December 2020. They decided to move in January 2021.

Their house can be described as “compact” and its design is simple yet unique. Its layout seemed like a container van.

The materials used in constructing their house are concrete in areas with water and wood for framing.

For the walls, they used a customized long-span galvanized iron. They also used the same material for the roof.

Their floor area is 27 square meters.

Living space, kitchen, and a full-sized bathroom are among those situated on the first level.

The rooms are 3 x 3 meters.

On the other hand, the second-floor measures about 8 square meters.

The second floor has two lofts with a bedroom facing their entertainment area.

One of the features of their tiny home that they like the most is the open area in the center part of the house.

It gives a high ceiling impression which makes the tiny home very spacious.

If you are also planning to build your own tiny house, watch the OG video featuring the “mansion” of Julius and Smile.

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