Ruffa Gutierrez Makes ‘Pambubuking’ About Annabelle Rama’s SocMed Rants

Ruffa Gutierrez revealed the reactions of her siblings to their mom’s rants

Actress Ruffa Gutierrez made revelations about the social media rants of her mother, veteran showbiz personality Annabelle Rama.

Annabelle and Ruffa are two of the well-known mother-and-daughter tandem in Philippine showbiz. They are known for being close to each other despite the fact that Annabelle would reprimand her daughter publicly sometimes.

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In a recent interview on comedian-talent manager Ogie Diaz’s YouTube channel, Ruffa was asked about her and her mother’s “talakan” in the past which was newsworthy for showbiz reporters.

The actress said that her mother really speaks her mind. “And if there’s one thing and one person that I can’t control, it’s my mom and her mouth,Ruffa Gutierrez said. Despite having arguments once in a while, the actress said that she loves her mom and there are times that she chooses to just be silent.

Then, Ogie mentioned that Tita Annabelle has changed a lot as she is quieter now compared to before. “Ang nababasa ko na lang ang Twitter niya,” the comedian-host said pertaining to the series of tweets of Annabelle Rama with numbers as sort of rants against someone or a certain issue.

Ruffa Gutierrez said that her mom would do this is she’s “naha-high blood.” “So kami naman, mommy put it down,” the actress said. Now that Annabelle has grandchildren, Ruffa’s daughters would tell Annabelle, “Lola, that’s not helping us, you know? Can you remove it?”

Ruffa revealed that she, her siblings, and her daughters would gag up on Annabelle because of her social media rants.  She said that her mom is not as feisty now as before. The actress also revealed that her mom does not know how to use text messaging and how to tweet, so, she would just dictate to her assistant what to post online.  

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