Ruffa Gutierrez Witty Reaction to ‘Buntis’, ‘Kasal’ Issue w/ Herbert Bautista

This is how Ruffa Gutierrez slammed the fake news about her and Herbert Bautista

Actress Ruffa Gutierrez has this witty reaction to the allegations that she got married to UniTeam senatorial candidate Herbert Bautista and that they are going to have a baby soon.

Rumors linking Ruffa and Herbert have been lingering in showbiz circles but they haven’t confirmed anything yet despite the closeness that they have. In a recent Instagram post of the actress, she shared a video compiling the YouTube videos that featured her and Herbert.

Herbert Bautista and Ruffa Gutierrez
Photo source: Manila Bulletin

The said videos posted allegations that they already tied the knot. Another video claimed that they are going to have a baby and that there was already a gender reveal party that happened. Another allegation about them was that they are going to have a twin.

Ruffa Gutierrez wittingly used the campaign jingle of Herbert Bautista and at the end of her video, she showed photos of the actor-politician during campaign events.

ruffa gutierrez herbert bautista pregnancy issue

Good afternoon to the Titas and Titos who have made me a favorite topic at parties and dinner tables. After the 75th call from a Marites, let me set the record straight,” the actress wrote in the caption of her post, and then she enumerated the clarifications that she made.

Ruffa stressed that she is not pregnant with twins and that she never got married. She also debunked the allegation that she had a miscarriage and pointed out that she did not admit to having a boyfriend.

“Everyone can now take a chill pill. The only REAL NEWS is: #8 sa Senado ang iboboto ko dahil #1 siya sa puso… natin lahat!” she said. Ruffa Gutierrez proudly cited the recent Pulse Asia survey result wherein Herbert Bautista is rank number 11-14.

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