Maggie Wilson Speaks On “Emotional Distress” Of Last Three Years

Maggie Wilson: “I was so broken. I still am, but I’m putting back the pieces together slowly.”

MAGGIE WILSON — The former beauty queen recently took to social media to open up about the “emotional distress” of the last three years.

Maggie Wilson
Photo: Maggie Wilson / Instagram

Maggie just bared her mental health struggles on Instagram, hoping to inspire those going through the same to seek help, if needed.

Sharing a photo of herself on her Instagram account on Monday, May 2, Maggie shared a lengthy reflection of what she has gone through in the last three years.

According to her, she went through one of the hardest challenges in her life emotionally in 2019. She also said that she thought things were getting better then she got hit again with more “emotional distress”.

In 2019, I went through one of the hardest challenges in my life emotionally. 2020 wasn’t any better,” Maggie said.

Maggie also said that the lockdown affected her mental state tremendously, acknowledging that it’s not just her who had a hard time coping with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

She stressed that she sought help and did online therapy to help her deal with what she was going through, adding that she tried to keep it light and happy on social media until she “couldn’t take it anymore in 2021”.

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According to her, her weight was as up and down because of stress, her skin suffered, and she couldn’t sleep.

I was so broken. I still am, but I’m putting back the pieces together slowly,” Maggie continued.

Without giving specific details, she said that what had happened in her past had given her so much stress and anxiety, not to mention trust issues. Maggie ended her reflections positively by reminding people that “we’re all human and no one is perfect”.

So love yourself a little more, give yourself a pat on the back, and continue working on you. I am/We are a work in progress,” Maggie concluded.

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