Maggie Wilson Shares Message For Tim Connor On His Birthday

Maggie Wilson shared a message for Tim Connor on his birthday.

MAGGIE WILSON — The supermodel and entrepreneur recently took to social media to share a message for Tim Connor on his birthday.

Maggie Wilson and Tim Connor
Photo: Maggie Wilson and Tim Connor / Instagram

On Wednesday, Maggie shared on Instagram a photo of themselves cruising in a yacht while enjoying drinks along with a sweet birthday greeting for Tim, who described himself on his Instagram bio as a British-Thai entrepreneur.

I have never rolled my eyes or bickered with someone so much in my entire life. LOL!” she wrote in the caption of her Instagram post.

But kidding aside, she went on complementing Tim for being the most honest person she had ever met.

She said that Tim helps her step out of her comfort zone and become better at what she does.

He tells you like it is even if it stings but I love that nothing is ever sugar coated,” she said about Tim. “He’s always up for a chat about anything under the sun, even if the topic is a hard conversation to have.

Maggie then thanked Tim for reminding her of what kind of woman she can become and he never fails to empower her even if he sometimes tries to “steal my thunder”. She added that she’s so happy that she gets to celebrate Tim’s birthday with him and many more to come.

GMA News Online reported that it was last month when Maggie and Tim shared a photo of themselves seated on a couch.

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Based on a report, Tim was first seen on Maggie’s Instagram account when she posted a photo of them on the cover of Xpedition magazine last December 2021.

Meanwhile, Maggie made her first appearance on Tim’s Instagram account when they attended the launch of Miss Universe UAE last October 2021.

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