11 Strategies To Boost Motivation Amid Depression


11 Strategies For Boosting Motivation During Depression DEPRESSION – A loss of drive is commonly associated with depression, although it may stem from various factors. Treatment, along with certain strategies, can aid in restoring motivation. A lack of motivation is often linked to depression, although it can stem from various sources. While depression can be … Read more

PH Gov’t Considers To Include Mental Health In PhilHealth Coverage

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Philippine Government Considers Including Mental Health in PhilHealth Coverage PHILHEALTH – The Philippine government is contemplating the inclusion of mental health services within the coverage provided by the state health insurer, the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth). The government is considering adding mental health care to the services covered by the state health insurer, the … Read more

Who is Dra. Gia Sison?

Gia Sison

Get to know more about mental health advocate Dra. Gia Sison DRA. GIA SISON – Here are some details about the late doctor who was an advocate for mental health. Dra. Gia Sison was a well-known doctor and champion of mental health. She was recognized for her commitment to aiding individuals grappling with mental health … Read more

Rendon Labador Reacts As Baron Geisler Expresses Concern About His Mental Health

Rendon Labador Baron Geisler

RENDON LABADOR – Here’s what the motivational speaker said in response to Baron Geisler’s concern about his mental health. The content creator posted a screen-captured photo on Instagram Stories on Tuesday where actor Baron Geisler was quoted as saying that the motivational speaker “doesn’t look and sound right”. In response, Rendon said “Pati si Baron … Read more

4 Ways To Improve Your Mental Health W/o Spending Money On Therapy

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Ways To Enhance Your Mental Health Without The Expense Of Therapy MENTAL HEALTH – Here are four strategies for improving mental health without spending money on therapy. Experiencing mental health challenges should never be underestimated. When you’re grappling with symptoms of depression or anxiety, seeking therapy becomes essential to establish a treatment plan. However, what … Read more

Baron Geisler Shares Mental Health Struggles During Lockdown

Baron Geisler

Baron Geisler shared about his mental health struggles during lockdown. Actor Baron Geisler shared in an interview about his mental health struggles during lockdown and was set to recover from it. This, as he recently shared about his hardships during the onset of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. In the first episode of Mental Wellness … Read more

Mood Swings May Link To Vitamin B Deficiency, Says Studies

Mood Swings

Here’s an explanation of how mood swings may link to Vitamin B deficiency. According to various studies, the symptoms of having mood swings ⁠— including fatigue and mood changes ⁠— were attributed to Vitamin B deficiency. This, as websites Medical News Today and Mayo Clinic cited correlations between mood swings and Vitamin B deficiency. According … Read more

Ghosting May Lead To A Serious Mental Health Problem, Says Experts


Experts on Thursday, February 13, warned the public against the possible effect of ghosting, that is, the process of leaving a person without a word. This, as Estrella Magno, a psychologist, said in an interview that depression “will set in, the helplessness, the hopelessness: once you’re being ghosted by a certain person. She added that … Read more