Maggie Wilson Speaks On “Emotional Distress” Of Last Three Years

Maggie Wilson

Maggie Wilson: “I was so broken. I still am, but I’m putting back the pieces together slowly.” MAGGIE WILSON — The former beauty queen recently took to social media to open up about the “emotional distress” of the last three years. Maggie just bared her mental health struggles on Instagram, hoping to inspire those going … Read more

Baron Geisler Shares Mental Health Struggles During Lockdown

Baron Geisler

Baron Geisler shared about his mental health struggles during lockdown. Actor Baron Geisler shared in an interview about his mental health struggles during lockdown and was set to recover from it. This, as he recently shared about his hardships during the onset of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. In the first episode of Mental Wellness … Read more

Mood Swings May Link To Vitamin B Deficiency, Says Studies

Mood Swings

Here’s an explanation of how mood swings may link to Vitamin B deficiency. According to various studies, the symptoms of having mood swings ⁠— including fatigue and mood changes ⁠— were attributed to Vitamin B deficiency. This, as websites Medical News Today and Mayo Clinic cited correlations between mood swings and Vitamin B deficiency. According … Read more

Ghosting May Lead To A Serious Mental Health Problem, Says Experts


Experts on Thursday, February 13, warned the public against the possible effect of ghosting, that is, the process of leaving a person without a word. This, as Estrella Magno, a psychologist, said in an interview that depression “will set in, the helplessness, the hopelessness: once you’re being ghosted by a certain person. She added that … Read more

BB Gandanghari Shares About Mental Health

BB Gandanghari

In her latest vlog, BB Gandanghari shared about her mental health struggles in the middle of her transition process from being a male to female. According to her, she underwent hormone replacement therapy as part of her transition process and she admitted that it was not easy for her. She also revealed that she found … Read more