Lady Netizen Seeks Help Due to Her House Filled w/ Flies

Lady Netizen Shares Photos of Massive Numbers of Flies Infesting Their Home

A lady netizen is currently seeking help from the online community because her house was filled with flies.

A Facebook user named Ems Gatlabayan has shared the photos and video footage of her house filled with flies. The video immediately circulates online and garnered various reactions from social media users.

In the photos, it can be seen that Gatlabayan’s house was filled with flies. The flies infest their kitchen utensils, bed, kitchen, laundry, and other areas of their home. The three children were also suffering from their situation.

Lady Netizen

According to the lady netizen, the three kids were suffering from stomach aches and pinworm infections. Ems said that the massive amount of flies in their house came from the nearby farm.

Gatlabayan claimed that she reported it to the farm owner but she received no action from them. She also revealed that her neighbors were already complaining about the farm for causing inconvenience among the villagers.

Lady Netizen
Lady Netizen

Here is the full post:

“Goodam.sayo..halot Yan manga langaw na perwisyo..pati.tatlong BATA.ngayon masasakit Ang tiyan.nila at may bulate.anung sasabihin mung Hindi malangay.yan..sobrang daming langaw dito SA bukal..Kung ano man Ang mangyari SA tatlong BATA..ngayon titingnan Ang ihi at dugo at dumi nila…pati SA pagkain dumatapo..Sana Naman ay.maakyonan..palibhasa Kasi Di naranasaN mag kaanak..dinabaliwala Lang po nila..dami nang nag rereklamo dito..       paki share nalang.po”

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The online community expressed their reactions to the post:

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