Former Saleslady in PH Now a Vegetable Picker in Japan Earning P100k a Month

Meet Ivy Villegas, a Pinay who works as a vegetable picker in Japan

IVY VILLEGAS – A former saleslady in the Philippines is now working in Japan as a vegetable picker and is earning as much as 100,000 pesos a month.

vegetable picker
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Ivy, a college undergraduate, used to work as a saleslady and cellphone brand promoter in the country.

Although she was earning 20,000 per month at the time, it wasn’t enough to support her family.

This prompted her, to go to Japan in 2019 and work there as a vegetable picker particularly carrots and radish.

Ivy usually wakes up at 5:00 a.m. to go to the province of Kumamoto, Japan where she works. She’s using a bicycle as her means of transportation.

But Ivy clarified that working as a vegetable picker was not easy.

According to her, there shouldn’t be any time to waste.

She manually pulls out the carrots and radish from the ground and cut their roots and leaves using a scissor.

Then, she compile the vegetables which would be picked up by a tractor.

She stands by the tractor to replace the container if it was already filled with vegetables.

Eventually, the harvested carrots and radish will be brought to the factory and placed in a machine where they will be automatically cleaned.

One of the most difficult parts of her job is to carry a crate containing vegetables that weigh about 25 kilos.

There were times that at least 20,000 packs of vegetables are being ordered from them while she and her workmates need to carry 400 crates.

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