Yen Santos Always Pays During ‘Dates’ with Paolo Contis? Lolit Solis Reacts

Rumor has it that Yen Santos always pays during ‘dates’ with Paolo Contis

YEN SANTOS and PAOLO CONTIS – Showbiz veteran Lolit Solis took to social media wherein she reacted to rumors that the actress was the one who always pay during “dates” with the actor.

Yen Santos and Paolo Contis
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Paolo and Yen are being rumored over a romantic relationship. Their alleged romance is hinted to have started off way back in their movie, A Faraway Land.

Then, LJ Reyes, the ex-partner of Paolo, confirmed in a tell-all interview that they have broken up.

Paolo Contis, on the other hand, admitted that there was a third party involved in their breakup but he cleared the name of Yen, saying she was not his other woman.

He noted that when LJ left for the US, he went to Baguio for three (3) days to take his mind off some things.

He invited Yen for a day “para may makausap since malapit lang siya.” According to him, Yen was “there as a friend.”

Meanwhile, Lolit Solis took to the image-sharing site, Instagram wherein she posted her reaction regarding rumors that that the actress was the one who always pay during “dates” with the actor.

According to her, it might be impossible or it could be a Dutch treat, which means an an outing, meal, or other special occasion at which each participant pays for their share of the expenses.

On top of the negative comments thrown at Paolo, Lolit lauded him for being gentleman.

She also stressed that she doesn’t believe such a rumor.

Paolo Contis and Yen Santos are yet to issue any statement as to whether confirm or deny their relationship.

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