Senior Citizen Working as BPO Employee & Chicharon Vendor Goes Viral

Hardworking Senior Citizen Goes Viral Online For Having 2 Jobs

A senior citizen who is working as an employee of a BPO company and chicharon vendor goes viral and earns praises online.

A Facebook user named Iya Gonzaga has shared the inspiring photo of a hardworking grandpa who works as a BPO employee and sells chicharon during his rest day. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

Gonzaga noticed the elderly grandpa identified as Manuel Felipe carrying a bag full of chicharons while wearing a BPO company lace inside the train. She approached the old man and tried to buy a chicharon.

Senior Citizen

Unfortunately, Felipe said that all packs of chicharon were reserved for his officemates. She spent a couple of minutes talking to the hardworking grandpa and discovered that Tatay Manuel is selling chicharon every Monday and Tuesday during his rest day.

Felipe can arrange a meet-up of order for chicharon at MRT Taft station during his free time. The senior citizen is carrying his bag full of chicharon from Pampanga to Pasay.

Iya has also expressed her praises and admiration for the hardworking man for looking for a way to survive despite his old age.

Here is the full post:


This hardworking man caught my attention as I saw him wearing a BPO company lace while carrying a bag full of chicharons. When I got the chance to talk to him while were going out of the train, I asked him if he is selling the chicharon kasi gusto ko sana bumili dahil favorite to ni mama, then he explained that meron ng nakareserve bawat chicharon sa mga ka-officemates niya. We talked a bit more as he seems to look at me as I am interested in what his selling.

He told me that his day off is every Mon and Tues and can arrange a meet-up of order for chicharon every Tuesday night at MRT Taft station.

I admire him as he works at a BPO company full time while selling chicharon as his sideline + imagine carrying a bag full of chicharon from Pampanga to Pasay! This kind of man inspires me so much that even though life is so hard, people like him still find a way to survive and live a happy life. Salute to you Sir Manny”

The netizens expressed their reactions to the post:

Senior Citizen

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