Kind Fish Vendor Earns Praises Online for Helping PWD Grandpa Cross The Street

Netizens Praised Kind Fish Vendor for Helping PWD Grandpa Cross The Street

A helpful fish vendor earned praises and admiration from the online community for helping a PWD grandpa to cross the street.

Kindness is a quality of a person in being friendly, considerate, and generous to other people. Being helpful is a good characteristic that shows the value, manners, and right conduct of a person.

Unfortunately, many people have forgotten to show kindness due to selfishness and increase of wickedness. However, there are still some individuals who continue to show kindness to everyone.

Helpful Fish Vendor

A Facebook user named Ricky Enovejas has shared the video footage of a kind-hearted fish vendor who helped a PWD grandpa to cross the street. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that the helpful vendor temporarily blocked his motorcycle in the middle of the road. He did it on purpose to prevent the vehicles from passing while helping the disabled senior citizen.

The Good Samaritan was moved after he witnessed how the old man struggled to cross the street amid the heavy rain. The old man successfully crossed the street with the help of the kind-hearted vendor.

The video has been taken at Barangay Bulabog in Sorsogon City.

Here is the full post:

“salute kay kuyang nagtitinda ng isda, tinulungan makatawid ang pwd, muntikan na kasi mahagip ng truck buti nalang naiwasan pa malakas pa naman ang ulan.”

The social media users lauded the guy for his kindness:

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