Proud Janitor Builds House for his Mom

While working as a janitor, a netizen was able to build a house for his mom

KATAS NG PAGIGING JANITOR – A Facebook user named Ma Rs earned the praises of netizens with his inspiring story of how he achieved having a house for his mom while working as a janitor.

janitor house
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Ma Rs, who lives in Carcar City, Cebu works as a janitor.

But despite the little amount he gets out of working as a janitor, he was able to reach his dream for his mom, to have their own home.

Recently, he went to Facebook wherein he shared the story of how he achieved having his own home for his mother.

According to him, his family was among those affected by Typhoon Odette that devastated the country last year.

Ma Rs said that although he reached college level, he couldn’t afford to find an honorable job aside from being a janitor.

In his post, he shared that worked as a janitor in one of the biggest malls in the country, cleaning the toilet and other errands a janitor does.

But after years of hard work, he was able to build a home for his mom.

He also thanked his friends who have been there to lift him up amid the insults he has been receiving because of his work.

Here’s the Facebook post of Ma Rs:

Here are the comments of some netizens:

Ma Rs is admired for his dedication in life.

His story shows that if we persevere in life, we can get the things we strive for.

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