Walden Bello To Sara Duterte: “Face me in a debate”

Walden Bello: “What is Sara so afraid of? Why can’t she just face me?”

WALDEN BELLO — The vice-presidential candidate challenged Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte to face him in a debate.

Walden Bello
Photo source: Rappler

Bello released a statement in response to Hugpong ng Pagbabago’s (HNP) statement claiming that he is a “narco politician”. In a statement, Bello said that HNP’s charge that he is a “narco politician” is “ridiculous”.

I am not, and I have never been, involved in the drug trade. It is also simply not true that I have ‘knowingly and purposely refused to disclose information or cooperate with the authorities,’ to use HNP’s words,” Bello said.

According to him, Mayor Sara needs to answer “some very important allegations” — allegations that he didn’t invent but allegations that are “already out there in the public realm”.

Sara Duterte
Photo source: The Manila Times

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He added that the only way for Mayor Sara to answer those questions is to attend the debate, “stop being a coward and stop disrespecting the Filipino people”.

This reeks of desperation. What is Sara so afraid of? Why can’t she just face me? Why is she and her party doing all these things to try to silence me?” Bello said.

Bello went on to challenge Mayor Sara to face him in a debate.

Walden Bello
Photo: Walden Bello / Facebook

This isn’t the first time that Bello hit Mayor Sara. To recall, he called Mayor Sara a “coward” following her non-attendance in the CNN vice-presidential debate last February 26.

Bello is running for vice president in the 2022 elections along with presidential candidate Ka Leody de Guzman. Mayor Sara is the running mate of former senator Bongbong Marcos in the upcoming polls.

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