President Duterte Warns of Alliance Between Communists and “Dilawan” to Disrupt Election

Alliance between communists and “dilawan”? Here’s the Duterte has said

RODRIGO DUTERTE – The President of the Republic of the Philippines warned of the alleged alliance between the communists and the “dilawan.”

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In an interview with Pastor Apollo Quiboloy on Saturday, March 12, Duterte said he feared that there might be an alliance between the two to disrupt the coming elections.

“What I really am afraid of is the report of the intelligence community…There’s a parang grouping of the communists, itong mga dilawan, pati itong mga — may isa pa, mga… Well, of course itong komunista is already a terrorist organization,” he said.

“So mga dilawan, that’s a… I forgot the other one. Iyan ang ano namin, diyan ang ano ng gobyerno. They are watching for that kind of situation,” he added.

According to him, it might be possible that the communists may use force to control the election.

Dilawan is referred to as the opposition party. However, they are now being associated with the Kakampinks or supporters of Vice President Leni Robredo

But Robredo has been denouncing the red-tagging of her supporters to the communist groups.

Lito Banayo, the campaign manager of Manila Mayor and presidential candidate said he was not in the position to question Duterte’s allegations.

Other presidential candidates have yet to give their comments regarding Duterte’s statement.

Previously, Cavite 7th District Boying Remulla claimed that several members of CPP-NPA-NDF joined the campaign rally of Vice President Leni Robredo.

Presidential candidate and Senator Ping Lacson also received the same information from his sources.

Watch his interview in the video provided below:

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