Pinoy Engineer Uses Used Cooking Oil as Fuel of His Vehicle

Pinoy Engineer Earns Various Reactions for Using Used Cooking Oil as Fuel of His Vehicle

A Pinoy engineer from Dasmariñas, Cavite is using used cooking oil as the fuel of his vehicle due to the surging prices of petroleum products.

Nowadays, the prices of petroleum products play a very important role to the country’s economy. Pump price adjustment usually causes significant impact on prices of products and services in the country.

Pump price hike contributes to the burden of Filipino people especially to those who were using public vehicles for a living and to individuals using private vehicles to reach their point of destination.

Pinoy Engineer

Over the past few weeks, fuel prices continue to increase amid the Russia-Ukraine war. The pump price hike also causes an increase to various products and services in the country. Several individuals have been making various strategies to save amid the surging fuel prices.

The Facebook page “Jeep Doctor PH” has shared the video footage of a Filipino engineer who is using a used cooking oil on his vehicle. The video garnered various reactions from the social media users.

In the video, engineer Ed Guecenio from Dasmariñas who tried used cooking oil to his Toyota Fortuner. The engineer was just using basic filtration process to filter the cooking oil used for fried unli wings.

Pinoy Engineer

At first, the engineer is mixing “diesel” to the cooking oil by using ratio. The latter eventually tried 1 part of oil into two parts of diesel and it went well. He is already using it for already two years.

Watch the video for full details:

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