Tips To Save Fuel amid the Oil Price Hike in PH

List of Tips To Save Fuel for Vehicle Owners

TIPS TO SAVE FUEL – Here are some tips on how to conserve fuel amid the series of oil price hikes in the Philippines.

Nowadays, many people are struggling due to the continuous increase in the prices of oil in the Philippines. It was January when the prices of oil started to take an upward trend.

The Department of Energy previously cited the huge global demand for oil as the main reason for the oil price hikes. According to the authorities, the prices of oil may continue to increase until May or June. However, the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine may cause oil prices to increase further.

Currently, many public utility vehicle (PUV) drivers are claiming that they can hardly earn for the needs of their families due to the high prices of fuel. Many businesses and private vehicle owners are also greatly affected by the oil price hike.

Tips To Save Fuel
Photo Credit: Philippine Star

Amid the struggle, many vehicle owners are surely eager to know some tips to save fuel amid the oil price hike. Transport expert and Top Gear editorial assistant Leandre Grecia spoke about some ways to save fuel.

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, Grecia stressed that there are some things that you must avoid while driving to prevent a huge consumption of fuel. Here are some tips to save fuel according to the transport expert:

  • Avoid pressing the gas pedal too much.
  • Avoid being on idle when you are waiting for someone or something and it is better to turn off the engine.
  • Plan out your route most especially if you will be dropping by several areas so you can go to each destination accordingly.
  • Jot down your destinations and plan your route to avoid traffic.
  • Leave early to have a gas and time efficient travel.

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