Hero Dog Helps Police Authorities to Find Missing Grandpa

Hero Dog Helps Police Authorities to Find Missing Grandpa

A hero dog named ‘Brownie’ earns praises and admiration online for helping the cops to find a missing grandpa.

The Facebook page “San Antonio Mps” has shared the photos of hero dog named ‘Brownie’ who helped the police authorities to find a missing elderly man. The dog earned praises and admiration from the netizens.

According to the San Antonio Municipal Police Station, the missing grandpa identified as “Tatay Ponso” went to his farm in Sitio Kamingawan-Dalupirit Road to bring food for his workers last March 25, 2022.

Hero Dog

Unfortunately, the old man failed to go home in his home in San Antonio, Northern Samar and went missing for about 18 hours.

MDRRMO San Antonio headed by Engr. Marjorie M Castillo together with San Antonio MPS Police Captain Russel D, Calubag along with two augmented personnel from Engineering Battalion ng Philippine Army based in various areas launched a search operation.

On March 26, 2022, the hero dog Brownie accompanies the rescuers to search for the old man. The dog found Tatay Ponso taking shelter and rest under a mango tree due to extreme exhaustion.

Hero Dog

The cops noticed the exhaustion and hunger of the elderly grandpa who spent most of his time searching for way back home. Tatay Ponso might have forgotten the path from farm to their home because of his old age.

The rescuers immediately brought the 92-year-old man to San Antonio District Hospital for immediate medical attention. Currently, the old man was in good condition and reunited with his family again.

Hero Dog

The social media users lauded the dog for its effective searching ability:

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