Dog Pregnancy Period – How Long It Is & What To Expect in Every Stage

Guide on Dog Pregnancy Period Including the Duration & Changes

DOG PREGNANCY PERIOD – Here is a guide on the gestation period of dogs including how long it usually takes and what to expect per stage.

Undeniably, there are more people who are into dogs compared with other animals. Dogs are known as man’s best friends and have greatly impressed the human race with their loyalty to their owners. Although they can’t speak, many dogs have unique connections with their “hoomans”.

As the popular saying goes, ‘It’s never a home without a dog’, most households have at least one (1) dog. Dog-loving people usually don’t treat dogs as pets but as members of the family – tagging them as “furbabies”.

Many dog-loving people want to see the puppies of their dogs thus they pair them with another dog. Are you wondering how long is the dog pregnancy period?

Dog Pregnancy Period
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The dog pregnancy period is not as long as the pregnancy period of humans which takes nine months. For female dogs, they are usually pregnant for 57 to 65 days before they give birth.

Based on an article on VCA Animal Hospital, the average number of days that a dog is pregnant is 63. However, there are also cases of puppies being prematurely born and the ones which are “over due” inside the mother’s womb.

It is important to take note of the dates when your female dog had a session with a male dog. The counting must start in the first session. Usually, for first time moms, the female dogs experience bodily changes starting 2nd week or 3rd week after the session.

The diet of the dog must remain in terms of volume for a month. Most dog owners would increase the food of their dogs a month before it is expected to give birth. It is important to give vitamins for the healthy growth of the puppies inside the womb.

Usually, dog owners do not bathe their pregnant dogs to avoid it getting stressed. The bathing usually takes place on the 57th day of the gestation period and onwards.

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