Ana Jalandoni Undergoes Eye Checkup After Bruising Due to Incident with Kit Thompson

Here’s an update about Ana Jalandoni after the incident with Kit Thompson

ANA JALANDONI – The former girlfriend of Kit Thompson underwent an eye checkup after bruising from the incident with her ex-boyfriend.

Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

The ex-couple made headlines after the actor allegedly beat up the actress.

Based on the reports, Ana and Kit checked in at a hotel in Tagaytay and had an altercation. It was then that Thompson allegedly beat up Jalandoni.

Ana was rescued by the authorities after pleading for help from her friends, sending them a photo of herself with injuries.

The police rush to the hotel and rescued Ana and brought Kit to the police station. He later underwent inquest proceedings at the Tagaytay City Prosecutors Office.

The Philippine National Police has already filed a case against Thompson for violation of Section 5 (a) of Republic Act 9262 or the Anti-Violence against Women and Children Act.

Kit Thompson has been released after posting bail.

On the other hand, Ana Jalandoni has yet to issue an official statement regarding the incident.

According to talent manager and vlogger Ogie Diaz, “selos” was the possible reason why Kit hurt his girlfriend but he stressed that there is no justifiable reason for hurting the actress.

Meanwhile, Ana herself took to the image-sharing platform Instagram wherein she shared a photo of her while undergoing an eye checkup.

To recall, it was in December last year when Kit and Ana confirmed that they are in a relationship by posting a “jowa reveal” photo of them.

In the photo, Kit and Ana are being cozy with each other while having a dinner date at a restaurant.

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