Paul Soriano Called Out for Using Photograph Allegedly Without Permission

Photojournalist calls attention of Paul Soriano for using his photograph without permission

PAUL SORIANO – The husband of actress-host Toni Gonzaga was called out by a photojournalist for allegedly using a photo without the owner’s permission at the same time removing the watermark.

Paul Soriano
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

Paul has been a staunch supporter of the presidential candidate, former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

In fact, he previously posted a photo of him on his Instagram page alongside his wife and of course, BBM.

The photo is his public declaration of support to the candidacy of the former senator and his running mate.

Earlier, he went on his IG Story wherein he posted another photo of him with BBM. The photo was taken by a photojournalist named Martin San Diego.

On Instagram, he posted the said photo while confronting Soriano.

He questioned the director if he asked permission or paid for the rights before using the said picture.

“Hi @paulsoriano1017, did you ask permission or pay for rights to use this image?” San Diego said.

The photojournalist also showed the uncropped version of the photo where the watermark of a media company can be seen.

In Soriano’s post, the watermark has been removed.

“Work thieves are the enemy of those in the creative industry. Alam mo dapat ‘yan,” San Diego stressed.

Director Paul has yet to issue any statement with regards to the allegation of the photojournalist.

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