Miss Universe Ukraine 2021 Posts Message Amid Russian Invasion

Here’s the message of Miss Universe Ukraine 2021 amid invasion of Russia

HANNAH NEPLYAKH – The Miss Universe Ukraine 2021 took to social media wherein she posted her views amid the war between Russia and her homeland.

Miss Universe Ukraine 2021
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On Thursday, February 24, Miss Ukraine appealed via an Instagram post to stop the war launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin against Ukraine.

According to Hannah, it was around 5 am when she woke up after hearing gunshots brought by the war.

Prior to that day, Hannah asked for prayers for the safety of her country.

The beauty queen continues to post on her Instagram page updates about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Some candidates of Miss Universe 2021 extended their prayers to Hannah and their country.

Among those is Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Beatrice Luigi Gomez.

Hannah also reposed the messages she received from Miss Colombia Valeria Ayos and Miss El Salvador Alejandra Gavidia.

Apparently, the IG account of Miss Russia Ralina Arabova has been placed in private mode.

Meanwhile, it was in the early hours of February 24 when Putin declared war against Ukraine via his State of the Nation Address.

In his statement, Putin believes that the leading members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) particularly the US was threatening to take over Russia.

NATO is an alliance of European and North American countries established to promote peace.

Led by the US, NATO- aimed to protect Western European countries from the threat of the Soviet Union and combat the spread of communism after World War II.

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