KC Concepcion Can’t Break Gift From Ex-BF, Jokingly Says ‘I hate you!’

KC Concepcion revealed that she can’t break this gift from his ex-boyfriend

Actress-entrepreneur KC Concepcion jokingly said “I hate you” to her ex-boyfriend after she revealed the gift that she received from him.

In one of the recent vlogs of KC, she showcased the items she is displaying in her favorite room in her Casa Kristina. The daughter of Megastar Sharon Cuneta showed the items that she associated with the questions about her personal life.

kc concepcion
📷: @kristinaconcepcion IG

At one point in the vlog, KC was asked to show “An item on the shelf that you want to break but can’t.” The actress-entrepreneur showed a white mug with a gold skull design.

And the item that I want to break but never could break is this beautiful mug given to me by my ex-boyfriend,” KC Concepcion revealed. She added, “Because you should always honor your past.”

KC jokingly acted like she was crying and said to the mug, “I love you. Charaught!” With a wide smile on her face, she pointed at the camera and quipped, “Aaay. You know who you are! I hate you!” and then, she laughed.

The actress-entrepreneur shared the reason why she decided to keep this particular gift from her unnamed ex-boyfriend. It is because she loves gold and she loves white as well.

In the comment section of her vlog, one netizen guessed that the white and gold mug was from her ex-boyfriend Paulo Avelino. “Paulo was a thoughtful one, who gave her gifts even the simplest ones. Also, they both love coffee and skulls,” the netizen commented.

The netizen added that KC Concepcion and Paulo Avelino appeared to have maintained the friendship between them. Another netizen agreed to this while some said that the “I hate you” of KC meant something else.

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