Ivana Alawi Gifts Mother, Sister Mona With House And Lot

Ivana Alawi finally fulfills her childhood dream.

IVANA ALAWI — The actress-vlogger has finally made her childhood dream true as she gave her family a brand-new house and lot.

Ivana Alawi

In Ivana’s latest vlog, she surprised her mother and her sister Mona after revealing that the newly-built house was issued under their names. At first, her mother fell for her daughter’s prank that the property was actually sold to someone else in the past.

While they’re doing a “house tour” vlog, the pretend “owner” along with a “lawyer” came knocking at their house to confront the actress, making her mother confused and anxious.

Ivana’s mother could only breathe a sigh of relief when the actress handed her a brown envelope revealing that it’s just a prank.

Ivana’s sister Mona, who was initially her accomplice, also got surprised after learning that her name was also included in the home’s title deeds.

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The actress has been sharing glimpses and updates on the construction of the three-story house in her previous vlogs, with her mother taking part in choosing the interior design.

In Ivana’s “I SOLD OUR HOUSE PRANK + SURPRISE” vlog released last Friday, the actress shared that she’s happy because she has finally made her childhood dream true.

Ivana also shared a family photo on her Instagram account.

Dream come true to finally be able to give Mama and Mona their own house,” Ivana wrote. “Hayyy ang sarap sa feeling… Pray, work hard and always do good/be good to others and I know you’ll be able to make your dreams come true too.

Recently, Ivana announced on Instagram that her YouTube channel reached 15 million subscribers.

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