Isko Moreno Recalls Sacrifices of Filipinos during EDSA People Power

Mayor Isko Moreno Speaks on the EDSA People Power Revolution

ISKO MORENO – The Manila Mayor said that the sacrifices of the Filipinos during the EDSA People Power must not be forgotten.

Recently, the Filipinos commemorated the EDSA People Power Revolution when the people ousted the late former dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. from power. It is one of the most significant events in the history of the country.

Marcos Sr. was accused of not upholding human rights during his regime. He and his family are also accused of ill-gotten wealth which is an ongoing issue until now – amid the presidential bid of his son, former Senator Bongbong Marcos Jr.

Recently, during his visit to Cavite, presidential candidate and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno spoke about the EDSA People Power Revolution and the power that the people give to the elected officials of the government.

Mayor Isko Moreno

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, during his visit to Cavite, Mayor Isko Moreno said that the public must not forget the EDSA People Power Revolution that removed a president from office. He stressed that the sacrifices of the Filipinos then must not be forgotten.

Mayor Isko expressed that the said historical event showed that it is the people who give a government official the power and it is also the people who can take that power when the official is not using it in the right way. According to him, ousting can happen anytime if an official abuses the power given to him or her.

The Manila City Mayor also believes that the victims of crimes even before the People Power must be given justice. While agreeing that the present needs to be focused on in a forward movement, he stressed that the state must pursue the cases to give justice to the victims.

Mayor Isko Moreno is calling for the government to be prepared about the effects of the Ukraine-Russia tension on the prices of goods.

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