Claudine Barretto Speaks On Decision To Leave Showbiz Back Then

Claudine Barretto said that she has no regrets about leaving showbiz back then.

CLAUDINE BARRETTO — The actress said that she has no regrets about leaving showbiz after doing the 2015 film “Etiquette for Mistresses”.

Claudine Barretto
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According to the actress, she took a step back from showbiz in order for her to focus on her personal life, a decision she has no regrets doing at that time.

During Vivamax’s media conference for “Deception”, she shared that it’s a “very painful” decision for her to leave showbiz so that she could focus on her children.

Kasi nga my ex-husband and I, we were separated already. So I didn’t want yung kids ko to ever feel na wala na silang tatay, wala pa silang nanay,” Claudine said. “Looking back, I’d still do the same thing. It was all worth it naman. Worth it naman talaga kasi ang babait ng mga anak ko. Ang ganda ng bond namin. At least yung formative years nila talagang andun ako.

With “Deception” now Claudine’s official comeback project, the actress said that the pressure to deliver will always be there.

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In order for her not to be away from her family during their lock-in bubble for the movie, the actress said that she made sure to have her children close by.

Claudine was also asked how she prepared for the movie after more than 6 years of not acting. According to her, she admitted that she only had one thing to focus on.

Isa lang. Makinig ka sa director kasi siya yung captain of the ship,” Claudine said.

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