Single Mom Now Earns 3 Million Pesos with Only P3500 Capital

With only P3500 capital, a single mom is now a millionaire

SINGLE MOM – An online seller raising her child alone who started selling skincare products with only P3500 is now a millionaire.

millionaire single mom
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Because of the pandemic, many Filipinos lost their source of income.

As a result, they ventured into different kinds of businesses from food, clothing, services, and to name a few.

However, not all businesses prosper. That’s why before going into a business, there’s thorough planning, preparation, and processes that need to follow.

But with only P3500 starting capital, a single mother named Vannerie is now earning 3 million pesos because of selling skincare products.

Vannerie shared in an interview that when she was pregnant, her baby almost died.

Until she gave birth to her baby but taking care of her child became tough given the fact she’s a single mother.

Later, she learned to stand on her own, and with the use of her remaining money which is actually P3500, she thought of selling skincare products. Eventually, she found a distributor.

That event generally changed her life. Now, she’s earning as much as three million pesos.

Vannerie couldn’t help but get emotional while sharing her story.

“Gusto ko ring patunayan na kaya naming umangat na mga single mom!” said Vannerie.

Don’t miss the full story of Vannerie which will air on Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS) this coming Sunday, January 9, 2022.

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